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Contact Frank for full discussion of all professional, management and self awareness workshop intensives available-847-710-7012 [email protected]

Awakening from the Trance of false self Fixations-intensive

This advanced group process is developed to provide a greater sense of contact with our true nature by neutralizing the fixations of false self identifications that we have acquired by unwrapping the primary blocks to our True Essence.This workshop journey will create a new basis for your acknowledgment of a shift in your re-defining the core values that drive your focus in life.Many post workshop integration activities will be established so the process of discovery can be applied after the primary release of old self stuck points is made.The liberation of the three body trances will be cultivated.The re-discovery of life with enhanced freedom from driven desires and stepping out of the box of fear based beliefs.We will utilize vary meditative consciousness tools for our path to embracing the Mystery of unity of consciousness.Many sound healing processes will be used to release and transform your perspective into a compassionate witnessing.

Compassionate Communication -Deepening the way we relate to others by exploring the couples or group based dynamics of relationships. Develop ways to avoid creating defensive or getting defensive by reviewing the core elements of delivering or responding to others.We will draw from Marshal Rossenberg process as well as John Welwood to discover enhanced effectiveness in connecting with others.Different modes of workshops can be conducted.

Dying before you Die- An intensive that assists an individual in finding and releasing unfinished business with family or others.Developing greater compassion thru forgiveness.

Embracing the Shadow- An intensive aimed at fuller self acceptance by investigating and facing the fire of our disowned tendencies that come out as projections or judgments.

Attunement-A group or individual centered intensive that help rebalance energy and regain spiritual perspective-using movement or sound opening up expressions

Trauma Anxiety resolution- An intensive exploration into the roots of being stuck in some kind of trance that created anxiety or depression.

Saying Good bye -An intensive to help individuals letting go of family -lovers,children, that may be dying soon.