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Family Crisis Interventions-Carefrontations

Our facilitator is among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you to Heal the tension that is being felt in the family-Frank Morales M.S.Ed CRADC MISA ll has been trained and implemented successfully the Invitation and Johnson models of family crisis interventions over the last 20 years.He brings a heart centered quality of compassion to his firm delivery of "Carefrontation" crisis interventions. "Straight from the Heart"

The two main goals to the intervention are supportive family member healing and the reduction of dysfunction behavior in impaired family member.

The keys to an effective intervention are preparation,planning,customized refinement of delivery and follow up.The intervention is the most effective tool families can access to turn their love into caring results for the concerned individual.This process must be customized individually to be effective.

The following basic elements are included in the intervention process:

1) Assess Information from family,friends,their work history of impairments

2) Exploring treatment options based on the matching the severity of condition to the intensity of services

3) Eight item process for written &verbally expressing the care and request for action

4) Developing implementable bottom line consequences

5) Considerations of objections and responses to objections

6) Rehearsals of the intervention team-planning time and placement access to person prefer options.

7) Coordination with treatment resources and approaches

8) Planning & matching treatment options to finances and travel transportation and follow up potential

9) Debriefing processing with team on reactions to intervention &results.

10) What's next? Ways family can support recovery process and Deal with relapse issues

"Carefrontations" can be used effectively with alcohol drug addiction,Co Occurring mental health issues,sex addiction,cyber space addiction,spending disorders,eating disorders,gambling problems,hoarding,violence/anger issues or life style management dysfunction.

As a supplement to the primary Intervention Team Preparation service we offer Extended Case management, Recovery Mentoring follow up to reduce family anxiety about recovery results and provide more structure for relapse issues,and Family Therapy to the reduce enabling and increase limit setting.

Prices vary based on time spent or travel considerations billed hourly or a package of various services.

Call Frank for a free screening or more info at 847-710-7012